Be Diabetes

Type 1 Diabetes is an incurable autoimmune disease that occurs when an unknown trigger causes antibodies to attack insulin producing cells in the pancreas. Often confused with Type 2 Diabetes, Type 1 Diabetes is generally misunderstood by the public and as a result those who suffer from it are constantly faced with rude comments, personal questions, and accusatory remarks. The patient is often left with the burden of educating their audience without offending or arguing. Out of fear of being impolite or judged, most Type 1 Diabetics will brush off these remarks or ignore them completely. Primarily due to ignorance of the condition and its differing forms, misinformation continues to spread.

Be Diabetes is a campaign that takes pressure off of the patient to explain their situation and educates the public for them. By approaching the issue in a humorous and playful manner, the campaign takes on an honest voice that enlightens the audience in an unconventional way. It aims to leave the viewer with a smile, rather than the feeling that they have been attacked.

Bright colors and illustration are used to contrast the serious nature of the issue and keep the mood lighthearted. Original photographs were created to recreate familiar scenarios and give context to the campaign. The photographs were combined with typography to create curiosity for the viewer and to draw them in.