Over 60 million Americans suffer from acne, 20 percent of whom are adults. Popular treatment products are often expensive, requiring you to buy 3 or 4 products, and contain harsh chemicals that can damage the skin and make acne worse.

Restoar takes a natural approach to skin problems and eliminates the multiple product convention by using organic ingredients that are proven to work. Most companies shy away from using apple cider vinegar, despite its effectiveness, due to the strong smell. Restoar embraces apple cider vinegar and combines it with other organic ingredients that not only produce a pleasant aroma but also benefit the skin and eliminate the need for any other cleansers or moisturizes. Focused on a balanced lifestyle, Restoar empowers its customers to live a healthy life and embrace their skin's natural glow.

The mark combines the more technical idea of skin cells with organic fields. This is encased within an apple to promote the main ingredient, apple cider vinegar. Green was chosen to connect back to nature. Language used in the collateral is positive and gives the customer confidence in their natural appearance.