Alien Apocrypha

Fascination with extraterrestrials has been common in our culture for hundreds of years. Many official federal documents regarding cases involving aliens and UFOs have been declassified in recent years, and social norms and taboos regarding attitudes towards extraterrestrials are being broken. In the age of smart phones, UFO sightings and encounters are much more easily captured, however there is no central database for this information to be collected, viewed, quantified, or discussed.

Alien Apocrypha provides a platform for users to capture and discuss sightings from anywhere across the United States. Accompanied by a field guide to ensure that experiences are recorded accurately, Alien Apocrypha collects this information and makes it widely available to the general public.

Futura was used as the main typeface to connect the design with the history behind the project, specifically historical and classified documents. Textural elements were used to bring a tactile element to the layout and create the sense of opening a classified folder. The color is traditionally connected to the concept of UFOs, symbols for aliens and icons were created to resemble blueprints and technical drawings.