Better Bites

Childhood obesity has been a growing problem in America since the 1980s. From a young age children are learning harmful eating habits that have been amplified by unhealthy options in school cafeterias. Many of these food options use bright colors and characters to attract elementary school children to their products.

Better Bites offers a healthy solution without sacrificing fun. Turning lunchtime into an interactive experience, each Better Bites package comes with a different set of character cards to collect and trade. The packaging encourages children to not only eat healthy, but to also try new options in the hopes of getting a new character.

The mark was developed to appeal to the elementary school audience and to reflect the organic feel of the product. For this same reason, the characters also maintain a hand-drawn style. While still using bright colors, the package promotes the organic nature of the contents through the use of recycled craft paper. Color and pattern distinguish the products from each other and reinforce kid-friendliness.