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Sprinkle + Sprout

The idea of growing a garden is appealing, but a common challenge is that many do not have the time to look after plants.

Sprinkle + Sprout is a gift box for plants that, when opened, turns into a drying rack. This creates a method to water plants without effort. The package incorporates this aspect of re-use, and helps reduce water waste. Succulents require little water and are perfect for the packaging design. The design is targeted towards children, which makes the product appropriate for use at home as well as elementary schools, which often have sinks in classrooms. Sprinkle + Sprout teaches kids about the plants in the package, and sustainable living. As plants get larger the customer is encouraged to transplant them to a garden and then replace with new plants.

Rounded icons and type were used to keep the design kid-friendly. Color use is minimal making the packaging easy to produce, and connecting with the sustainable nature of the product.